The thirst is real

The topic I have for us this week is ‘Being Thirsty to the Word of God’, and yes, the thirst is very real. 

Everyone, no matter who you come across is thirsty for something that seems to be unquenchable. I don’t mean the type of thirst you feel when you’re done with your 12 sets after leg day, the type where you’re scrolling through insta and see bae’s beach day post or the thirst to keep that iPhone updated with every release. 

I mean the type of thirst you feel when you want the truth. The truth of Christ, the words that God spoke when on earth. We weren’t there when Jesus came down to earth. We didn’t camp out with him and his mates having a fish and bread BBQ. We didn’t get to travel around and witness him roasting pharisees and performing mind boggling miracles. 

It’s hard for us. How do we know what we’re doing now is right? Is whatever we are doing what God wanted? We are always asking these questions because we’re thirsty for that deeper connection, that deeper understanding of God. 

One thing you can do is quite obvious. Go to mass. Seriously. Go in (not late, make some effort) and actually concentrate on the words in the liturgy. One of the liturgies have this sentence in it: ‘Living without you is death, and dying with you is eternal life’…. someone upload that to Pinterest right now. (heart eyes emoji). Our Maronite Liturgy is such a tall glass of water for us. Our chants and hymns, if engaged in properly will get you on some great vibes. What I mean by ‘engaged in properly’ is by us singing it, understanding the words and learning the tunes here. Thank you for such a great resource, Fr Geoffrey Abdallah. These hymns have been carried through the ages to us today. They connect us right to the start of our Maronite Faith. 

Another way to quench your thirst is to read the bible. WARNING – start with the New Testament and go slow. Don’t rush it, you will have to google some parables. You will be surprised as to how much it actually relates to us today. There are parts that make you think to no end and that is exactly what God designed it to do. It forces you to look deep inside of yourself and ask ‘Wait, I do that.. Jesus just said that’s wrong…’. This helps you understand what God wants from us. It also helps you understand Christ and what he went through. Your questions and answers in searching for the truth lie in the pages of the New Testament. There are so many records of Jesus saying that he can quench our thirst with something more than earthly water. It takes faith and a trusting heart.

Prayer is also something that quenches that thirst too. If you don’t know how, feel free to join rosary sessions at church. They have booklets for you to follow along to so you’re not out there like a roo in headlights. If you aren’t confident yet, just go solo, with our guide here, find a quiet spot and either pray it or just talk to God. If you’re expecting someone to whisper an answer in your ear, it’s not going to happen, unless your little sibling is hiding there trolling you. Sometimes God gives us an answer 1 hour or 1 year later. Sometimes it never comes. If it doesn’t come then God never wanted you to have that Shadow Black 2019 Ford Mustang. Maybe God wanted you to go on a pilgrimage to Israel instead, to walk where God walked. (Life changing trip by the way). Another form of prayer is the Jesus prayer. This is a very ancient prayer from the East where you focus on saying just 1 sentence: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’. Fr Yuhanna Azize did a talk on this prayer. It is lengthy so sit back and relax. Get rid of the naughty siblings or invite them to listen too.

You can take it a step further and study theology. Study can get you far, it’s true, but don’t forget that there are many holy people who didn’t need to be ‘smart’, witty or book savvy to be saints. Many reached sainthood through simplicity and works. 

So maybe God wants you to truly quench that thirst by getting to know Christ more rather than getting to know things that distance you from God. See Sr Margaret’s short excerpt on things that distance us. Our thirst won’t be quenched until we meet God. But we can have those sips that lessen the thirst. Go to mass, pray and read some good books. St Ephrem’s ‘Hymns on Paradise’ is a perfect book to start with. Happy sipping. 

– Emily Dib

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