St Raymond


18 November – St Romanos (also known as Saint Raymond)

St Romanos was born in Palestine in Caesarea and ordained a deacon in one of the villages belonging to this province. In the fourth century the Roman Emperor, Diocletian, began his persecution of the Christians both in the East and in the West, especially at Antioch. Many were abandoning their faith and St Romanos decided to go to Antioch and peach and strengthen the people’s faith. The emperor threatened to cut out St Romanos’ tongue, but the he continued preaching. He was arrested, thrown into prison, and in 303 beheaded.

St Ramanos holds a special place in the heart of Maronites, probably because he was martyred in Antioch from where the Maronites originated. Many Maronite Churches are named St Ramonos including in Lebanon, the U.S and a newly established Parish in Australia.

He is also the patron saint of the village of Hadchiti.l and Hammana.

By Christina Maksisi