Which Creed do Maronites use?


The Nicene Creed is the creed used in the Maronite Church and many of the Oriental Churches. The creed is a profession of faith used at various times including in liturgies.
It is called the Nicene Creed because it was adopted in the city of Nicaea by the First Council of Nicaea in 325. It was amended in 381 at the First Council of Constantinople. It was a profession against many of the heresies of the time, including the Arian heresy.
Unlike the Latin and Byzantine practice, the Maronites’ and other Oriental churches also use the original plural “we believe”. The creed is said as a profession of the community of faith.
The Apostles’ Creed which is in use in the Latin West, never entered use in the Maronite Church.

Theresa Simon