Traditionally Maronites abstained off meat every Friday of the year. The obligation now differs depending on the location of Maronites in the world. However, that should not prevent us from renewing this worthy tradition.

In a world where some have more than they need and many don’t have anything at all, this is a powerful discipline to teach our children. Fasting reminds us of what others do not have and the suffering they bear.

Fasting is also a spiritual discipline and St John Chrysostom explains:

“Fasting is the change of every part of our life, because the sacrifice of the fast is not the abstinence but the distancing from sins.

Pope Francis has encouraged fasting for various causes throughout his Pontificate. Perhaps consider starting a tradition in your family of abstaining from meat or fasting till midday on Friday and selecting and dedicating it to a particular cause each week. For example you may offer it for peace in the world, for the war in Syria, for those who are homeless or those struggling with mental health.


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