The Maronite Christmas Novena

The Maronite Christmas Novena, begins on 15 December and is nine consecutive days of prayer. It is a wonderful way of preparing ourselves for the birth of our Lord.

The idea of a Maronite Christmas Novena was probably inherited from the Jesuit influence in the 1500’s. However through the chant and poetry the Maronite Fathers have made it distinctly Maronite.

The Novena includes incensing of the Blessed Sacrament, prayers, Syriac hymns and ends with Benediction of the blessed sacrament.

We all have an opportunity to participate in the Christmas Novena.

We also have available to us a revised edition of the entire Christmas Novena in Syriac, Arabic and English (including transliterations). It can be found at

Click to access ChristmasNovenaRevisedwithMusic2013.pdf

The Syriac melodies can be found on the Maronite music page at