St Joan of Arc


The Maronite Saints calendar has adopted saints from the universal Church, including Saint Joan of Arc whose feast day is celebrated 30 May. In the face of adversity, St Joan continued in conscience – even when she was being condemned by her own Church.

‘Into the midst of this medieval tale comes a seventeen-year-old girl who, in the 1400s, dresses like a man, leads an army, raises the siege ofOrleans, and provides France with a king. There, perhaps, the fantasy ends. In the end, Joan is captured by her English enemies and burned at the stake with the help of churchmen who consider her a heretic, label her a witch, and condemn her to death because of her refusal to denounce her voices as the church has commanded her to do.

It is a pathetic situation. The girl who, with the approval of French churchmen, risks her life to follow the voices of God within her is condemned by a different church court, which included another set of bishops, both English and French, and is burned by these judges for failing to be a faithful daughter of the church.’

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