St Chrysanthos and Daria

Saint Chrysanthos and Daria, were a married couple, remembered for their martyrdom. Chrysanthos was born into a Nobel pagan family, and therefore he was well educated. He had grown up reading about Christianity in books written by pagans, though he wished to read from the perspective of a Christian. He managed to obtain a copy of the new testament and was captivated by the writing and teachings it contained. He sought a spiritual adviser to guide him in Christianity and wished to be baptised in the faith. He met a Christian minister, and was welcomed into the faith and soon begun preaching the Gospel. Chrysanthos’ father tried to turn him away from Christianity, and even arranged for him to marry a pagan priestess, Daria. However, Chrysanthos preached Christianity to his new wife and she was soon converted. The young couple vowed to preach the gospel and remain celibate, together they were able to convert many young men and women to Christianity. This made many people in Rome angry and the people complained to the eparch Celerinus about the couple preaching about celibacy. Chrysanthos was sent to the tribune Claudius to be tortured. However, after seeing Chrysanthos’ enduring faith through the torture, Claudius himself converted to Christianity along with his wife Hilaria and their two sons Jason and Maurus. This news reached the emperor and he sent for them all to be executed. After many tortures, the couple were buried alive.

The Holy Martyrs are commemorated in the Maronite church on October 25, we remember their courage and pray that we stay strong in our faith and our love for our Lord continues to flourish and grow. May our faith be displayed in our selfless work and our love for others. We pray for all those persecuted around the world, and for those who don’t have the privilege of religious freedom. May your unconditional love, Lord bring them comfort and hope.

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