St Christina

24 July is the feast of St Christina of Tyre.

Saint Christina was born into a Nobel pagan family during the third century. Her father was the governor of Tyre in Lebanon. Christina was exceptionally beautiful and many men desired to marry her, so her father placed her in a tower with many silver and gold idols and commanded her to burn incense before them as he hoped she would become a pagan priestess.

During her solitude she pondered about God, while praying and fasting that the true God may be revealed to her. She was soon visited by an angel who called her the bride of Christ, instructed her in the true faith and told her about the suffering she would endure for her faith. When her father discovered that she was not praying to the pagan idols he gave her, and that she had also destroyed them, he was furious.

Christina told her father about the one true God, he began to beat her and had her thrown in prison. Her mother visited her and asked her to renounce Jesus Christ, however Christina refused. The next day, Christina’s father brought her to trial and asked her to renounce her faith in the one true God and worship the pagan god’s, again Christina refused and begun preaching about God. Her father then ordered that she be tortured by being tied to an iron wheel, with burning fire underneath, scorching her body and then she returned to prison. Again her father ordered her to more torture and to be drowned in the sea, miraculously she survived. After her father’s death a new governor replaced him and continued Christina’s torture. Christina drew people to the faith as they witnessed her devotion to her faith. Christina’s torture continued and she was locked in a hot furnace for five days, when the furnace was opened, Christina was found alive. Many more people witnessed this and converted. Christina was finally sent to death by sword.

Saint Christina was a true martyr for her faith, she never gave up or denounced her faith. And through her horrendous journey she brought many more people to the faith. We ask for her intercession to strengthen us in our faith and help us through our actions to bring others to Christ.


St Christina

Saint Christina, Pray for us

Tyre is a very ancient Phonecian City. Some interesting work has been down by the Maronite Church there. Read more here.

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