Saint Theodosia

Saint Theodosia was born 290AD and lived in Tyre, Lebanon. During the time of the persecution of Christians who refused to make sacrifices to pagan gods, Theodosia at the age of only seventeen, travelled to Caesarea in Palestine where a number of Christians were captured and awaiting to be tortured. Theodosia congratulated the prisoners and asked them to remember her when they meet the Lord. Soldiers seeing this, seized her and brought her before the governor, he ordered her to make sacrifices to the pagan gods, however she refused and he had her tortured. The governor seeing her endure the torture with happiness, had her thrown into the sea, other recounts have the young martyr beheaded.

Saint Theodosia, you endured torture and was never shy to show your faith publicly. Help us to not be afraid to practice our faith publicly, as we are so privileged to have that freedom. We pray for those who do not have this privilege, yet have more courage to portray their faith, for the persecuted, and for the innocent martyrs, especially the recent martyrs in Egypt including children. May the Lord welcome them into His kingdom with open arms, as they have received the highest honour. During this Maronite year of Martyrs and Martyrdom we remember the martyrs of Lebanon and the surrounding regions and the Church we have built because of their great sacrifice. Amen

Christina Maksisi