Saint John Maroun – 2 March


John Maroun, (Youhanna Maroun) was elected the first Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, by the bishops and the people of Mount Lebanon. John Maroun led the people who came to be known as the Maronites after Saint Maroun.

John Maroun was born in 628 in Sirmaniyah or Sarum, a village in modern say Syria. He was from a nobel family, his father governed Sarum. John was well educated in Antioch and then in the Monastery of Saint Maroun where he later became a monk at the monastery. He became a very influential person in his time, and being well educated began to write on diverse topics such as the sacraments, managing the Church property, liturgy and more. He composed the Eucharistic Prayer which is still used in the Maronite mass today.

John Maroun was a preacher and a teacher, he taught and explained the doctrine of the Council of Chalcedon which related to the nature of Jesus as both Divine and Human. John Maroun would also go on to write a series of letters against Monothelitism. He brought people to the faith through his zeal and true faith.

John Maroun was ordained a bishop in 676 and assigned a cathedral in Batroon in the mountains of Lebanon. He became the first Maronite Patriarch of Anticoch and 685.

Today we pray for the Maronite Church who like the strong roots of the Cedar of Lebanon, has spread throughout the world. We pray for our present Patriarch, Bechara Boutros El-Rai and all the Maronite Bishops. May they lead us in love and hope on the road to salvation.

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