Saint Domnina – 1 March


St Domnina consecrated herself to a life of celibacy, seclusion and silence. Saint Domnina inspired many to a life of prayer. Domnina lived in the fifth century and we also know about her life from Theodoret. He wrote about 33 hermits (30 men and 3 women) including St’s Maroun, Marana, Cyra and Domnina. Saint Domnina was born to a wealthy family and retreated to live in a hut she made from straw where she only ate lentils soaked in water. Domnina attracted other women which formed her community. This community spent their time doing manual labour and singing hymns to pass the time.
St Dominia was fond of hymnography and that is a great part of the Syriac tradition. She sang praise to God both in the morning and at night. 

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