Mar Sarkis and Bakhos

We celebrate the feast of Mar Sarkis and Bakhos on 7 October. They lived in the Fourth Century at a time when Christians were being persecuted. They were Roman soldiers held high in Galerius’ army on the Syrian frontier. They were exposed as Christians when they refused to enter a pagan temple and worship. They were humiliated by being dragged through the city in chains and made to wear women’s clothing. They were encouraged to renounce Christianity, but they refused and their torture continued.

Bakhos died from being lashed, on October 1, he appeared to Sarkis and encouraged him to remain strong. Sarkis was continually tortured and later sentenced to death on October 7.

Mar Sarkis and Bakhos are well venerated in the Maronite Church. They are seen as protectors and many Eastern churches have been dedicated to them.

Mar Sarkis and Bakhos show us a true image of friendship. They remained faithful together and even through death, Bakhos continued to support Sarkis through his torture.

Photos taken at Mar Sarkis and Bakhos Church Hadchit.