Mar Awtel


On 3 June in the Maronite saints calendar we celebrate the feast of Mar Awtel who is an early Church Saint, particularly venerated among the Eastern Churches including the Maronite Church. Sources vary about the time in which he lived, but place him somewhere in the 3rd to the 6th Century. He was born in Asia Minor.

His parents were pagans and he converted to Christianity when he was young. He fled his home to avoid being married. He is known for a miracle that happened while he was travelling by sea. The boat he was travelling on came up against a great storm and through his prayers, all aboard survived and as a result all were inspired to convert to Christianity.

He later travelled to Constantinople, Antioch and Lycia where he led an ascetic life in the monasteries. He also inspired many pagans to convert to Christianity. He lived out the rest of his life in the desert in a monastary.

He is the patron saint of the village of Kfersghab.

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