Blessed Estephan Nehme – 30 August

Blessed Estephan Nehme was born in Lehfed, in Lebanon on 8 March, 1889. His parents named him Youssef. Growing up, he preferred to stay at home and pray late into the night.

In 1905, when he was 16 years old, Youssef left his parents house and headed to the Monastery of Saints Cyprian and Justine in Kfifane in order to become monk. Eight days later, he wore the novices’ cassock and took the name of “Estephanos”.

On 23 August 1907, he took vows and spent the next 31 years in monastic life.

As is common in Maronite Monasticism, Brother Estephan was a “worker monk”. He would work in the fields and gardens of the monastery. Brother Estephan had a simple and pious life and died in the Monastery of Saints Cyprian and Justine, on 30 August 1938, at the age of 49.

He was initially buried, but on 10 March 1951, while monks were burying the late Father Youssef Souraty, they found the body of Brother Estephan not decayed.

Brother Estephan was moved to a new tomb where he lays today and where visitors can visit and see his uncomposed body and seek his intercession or ask the grace of healing.

Brother Estephan was beatified on 27 June 2010, at the Monastery of Saints Cyprian and Justine in Kfifane.

One may wonder what is making this man a Saint. There is no remarkable treaties he has written, he did not go out into the world and open hospitals or other things.

Blessed Nehme is a reminder that sainthood can be achieved by all of us, even if we have what we think are the simplest and most unremarkable lives. The key is that in all we do, we must devote ourselves to God.


Blessed Nehme pray for us.