7 August – St Doumit


St Doumit

St Doumit is a very popular Maronite Saint and the patron of a number of Maronite Churches, monasteries and villages. His devotion is widespread in Lebanon.

The following had been kindly provided to us by Subdeacon Michael Shami and is summarised from the hymns and prayers of the Syriac Maronite Fenqitho:

The Maronite Fenqitho compares the conversion of St. Doumit to that of St. Paul. He is of Persian origin. He initially was a pagan who ardently served the Arian Emperor Valens. (r. 364-388) He was given the order to kill orthodox Christians and believed that priests shouldn’t be required to be bound by their “strict requirements.” One night, while he was plotting the means of torture for Christians upon his bed, the Lord sent him an angel, which “touched” him as a means of both stopping his persecution of the Church, as well as humbling him. He was inflicted with an ailment described as withering his limbs, slowing his pace, and stretching his arms upwards. His servants brought him before the Emperor, who sent messengers to every nation to bring doctors, but none could heal Doumit. Despairing, he left and secluded himself in a cave in Mt. Cyrrhus (near Aleppo, where St. Maron was). He remained there for 32yrs. in penance and prayer, wearing metal fetters and sackcloth, both making penance for his assault on God’s Church, and renouncing his former false beliefs. Then, one day, a second angel was sent by God, and he was cured from his malady. Afterwards, he gained many disciples and many sick came to him to be prayed over, and he healed them, living the rest of his days out as a hermit.

Today we ask St Doumit to intercede for all those who live and are suffering with dehabilitating physical and spiritual illnesses.


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