New Sunday


Fr Abdo’s Maronite Icon of Doubting Thomas

The Second Sunday of the Season of the Resurrection is known as New Sunday in the Maronite Church. In John 20:26 we learn that a week later Jesus appeared to his disciples who were hidden away in the Upper Room. The opening hymn of the liturgy highlights that.

  1. On the eighth day, full of joy, gathered in the Upper Room,

the apostles all proclaimed: “Christ has risen from the dead!”

But when Thomas heard this news, doubt filled his mind;

he did not believe. 

Jesus stood before their eyes; “Thomas, see my hands and side, 

and come touch my wounds. Do not doubt, but now believe.

Blest are those who have not seen and do believe.

I have risen from the dead.”

2. Thomas, you have now become an example, strong in faith.

You have turned doubt into light that dispels the dark and fear.

O Church, sing your hymns to God with all your heart,

filled with faith and love.

Strengthen those who do believe, and like your apostles, Lord,

confirm them in faith. Sanctify your Church on earth,

and encourage her that she may always be

your true witness in the world.

Thomas is now forgiven for having doubted. Like Thomas, we all may at times doubt, but his faith now serves as an inspiration to us all.

The Liturgy also recognises that Christ’s invitation to Thomas to believe is an invitation to the whole Church to believe. The Church was there in the Upper Room and it has now spread to the entire world and we can be a part of it. If you do not yet know the Risen Lord, all you need to do is believe.

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