Wednesday of Passion Week

On the Wednesday of Passion Week, we hear about Job who suffered and lost his health, wealth, sons and daughters. (Job 1: 6-21).

Job is a ‘type’ of Christ in that Job was humiliated and exalted. We see parallels in that the devil tried to tempt both. Both Job and Jesus were righteous and suffered unjustly. They bore that suffering and were vindicated by the Father.

For those who often wonder why bad things happen to good people, Job helps us to understand that we must walk with patience in our own trials and sufferings.

On this day in the Maronite Church we celebrate the Rite of the Lamp. Seven candles are inserted into dough representing the seven lamps envisioned by the Prophet Jeremiah and by John the Apostle in his Revelation. The sick and the suffering are encouraged to attend and during the celebration, the oil is blessed and all the faithful receive the anointing.

We pray for all those suffering in the world.

In Christ

Theresa Simon

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