The Arrival at the Harbour

Lord, our Lenten journey is concluding and we are now arriving at the Harbour of your Salvation. This week we will be living witnesses to your death and resurrection. St Ephrem reminds us that we will witness you the Master Mariner, conquer the raging sea. Your cross will become the oar of salvation and your mercy will steer our boat’s course to the harbour of peace. Your body will be pressed on the cross and your blood will gushes forth to give us life.

On Cana Sunday we prayed for the Lord to ‘bless our families and our Lenten journey so that we may reach the harbour of salvation’ (Prayer of forgiveness). Now we enter passion week to ready ourselves for the glorious feast of your Resurrection.

*The liturgy for the “Arrival at the Harbour’ is celebrated on Sunday evening (Hosanna Sunday) and reminds us that the “ark” which is the Church, is arriving safely from our Lenten journey at the Harbour of Salvation which is Christ himself.

The Rite is celebrated outside the Church and concludes inside the Church. It begins with the faithful gathering in front of the closed door of the Church with candles as the Wise Virgins (Mt.25 1-13) awaiting the Bridegroom. The parable reminds us as we enter this week that it is only through a life of dedication to God, vigilance, fasting and prayer can we be ready for the Resurrection and to welcome the Bridegroom into our lives. The liturgy begins with a candle procession, then the Priest knocks on the Church door three times before the door of the Church is open to let in the faithful of Christ.

In Christ

Theresa Simon


Maronite Icon of the Wise Virgins (Mt 25 1-13)

Passion Week