Saturday of the Light

Saturday of the Light is a day of rest for the crucified Lord. Christ visited the dead in their tombs, including Adam, to bring them the news of the resurrection and new life. The Eucharist is not celebrated on this liturgical day (before midday). Unlike the other Saturday’s of Lent, we are told to fast on this day. We also celebrate a Maronite Rite known as the “Prayer of Forgiveness”. It is a celebration unique to the Syriac Churches and celebrates the forgiveness that was won by the death of Jesus Christ. The rite
is a communal act of reconciliation and penance of the whole Church community. The faithful are invited as a community to confess and seek forgiveness. Confessions are heard individually, and absolution is given to all those who confessed their sins. Through personal participation, the faithful are invited to confess sins so that they may experience the forgiveness that has been won by the death of Christ.

In Christ

Theresa Simon


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