Temptation of Jesus

‘Friday of the Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness’

Fortieth Day of Lent

On the Friday before Hosanna Sunday, the Maronite Church celebrates the ‘Friday of the Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness’. It is recognised as the ‘Fortieth Day of Lent’.  Often it is asked how Lent is 40 days in the Maronite calendar. From Cana Sunday to this Friday in the week of Bartimaeus the Blind we get exactly 40 days. The next day we enter Passion Week with Lazarus Saturday, where we are reminded of the miracle of the resurrection.

The Gospel for this day is Luke 4:1-13 which narrates the temptations of Christ by the devil in the desert. Read the Gospel and  using the guide below, examine your own conscience.

Temptation 1

If you are the Son of God – command the stone to become bread. 

How many times do we do things so we can prove ourselves? Do we do things in pride or for success? Do I hurt others by striving to shine?

We are called to do things to assist out calling to holiness. Reflect on how you might alleviate any pride in your life? How can you do things better and for the right reasons? Christ tells the devil we cannot live on bread alone. How you enrich your spiritual life?

Temptation 2

Worshipping the devil for power and glory.

Who are you worshipping? Is it money, glory or power? Are you worshipping the things of this world?

Christ tells the devil that you are to worship only God. Do you need to make more time for your spiritual life? Are you attending Mass regularly? Do you need to go to confession? Are you hurting others to get the things that you want? Reflect and consider on what things your need to stop worshipping in your life. Reflect on how you are going to intensify your own worship of God.

Temptation 3

Throw yourself down for the angels to support you

Are we tempted to test God? Do we give up on God  when we don’t get our way? Do we only speak to God in times of trials? Do we actually trust in God?

Christ tells the devil not to put God to the test. Are you listening to God? Do you surrender to God’s will even when it is not your will? Do you lose faith quickly? How are you going to make more time to speak with God?

In Christ

Theresa Simon


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