The Finding of Our Lord in the Temple



Finding of Our Lord in the Temple

This Feast is celebrated on the Sunday that falls between Christmas and New Year. In the Gospel we hear that Mary and Joseph lost Jesus for three days. When they found him, he was speaking with the scribes and the teachers and questioning them.

Here are some things to note about the importance of this gospel.

1- Mary and Joseph were Jewish, so when they went with Jesus to the temple, they were celebrating the feast of the Passover. This is a great feast when the Jewish people remember their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. The book of Exodus tells us that God instructed Moses to ask the pharaoh to let the Israelites be freed from slavery in Egypt. When Pharaoh refused ten plagues were inflicted on the Egyptians, the last plague was the death of every firstborn.  The Israelites were instructed to mark their doors of their homes with the blood of a slaughtered lamb so that the spirit of the Lord would know to ‘pass over’ the household and spare their firstborn. It is interesting that Jesus makes his first public appearance during this feast, as he is now the new lamb that comes to be sacrificed for the people.

2-We learn that Jesus was only twelve years old, however he seemed to know his mission.

This is also reflected in the hymn in the Hoosoyo;

In the temple, still yet a boy, to his mother Jesus said:
“From on high does my Father call and I ought to be with him.
Something tells me in my heart to proclaim good news to all.
For my Father’s house I burn with a living flame in me.
This is God my Father’s will.”

(Christ Our Lord, in Jerusalem)

Jesus is found in the one place that we should all be looking for him in, His Father’s house and fulfilling His Father’s work.

3- It is no coincidence that Jesus is lost for three days. Mary and Joseph were suffering in anxiousness during these three days without Jesus. They had lost him and searched for him in many places. Jesus was teaching them of His death and resurrection, and allowing them to see that He will be lost to us all for three days after his death, and after three days he will rise and be found.

Christina Maksisi

Glorious Season of the Birth of Our Lord