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Welcome to Living Maronite. A place where you can learn about all things Maronite and bring Christ in your heart and your home. We will bring you regular posts with resources inspired by the Maronite Tradition.

Since the Second Vatican Council, there has been a great emphasis on moving forward together as a Church by way of Synods, Councils and Assemblies. Pope Francis has also emphasised moving forward as a ‘Synodal Church’. In Australia, the Church has taken up that call by convening a Plenary Council for 2020. In the same spirit, the Maronite Bishop of the Eparchy of Australia, Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay, has also called for an Assembly for Maronites. Click on the link to read more about the first Executive Committee meeting for the Plenary in which the Maronites are involved. The reflection is written by Theresa Simon, one of the member of @livingmaronite and who is involved in the preparation for both gatherings.

Plenary Council for the Australian Catholic Church 2020

From the 12th – 18th June 2017, the Maronite Patriarch and Bishops met in Bkirki for the Synod of Bishops. Below is a translation of the Patriarchs opening address:

Synod of Bishops 2017

(Note this is an unofficial translation of the text from Arabic. The original Arabic text can be found at the Patriarchs website at http://www.bkerki.org)

Exciting news! A new book introducing the Maronite faith from our very own Fr Yuhanna.

What is the Maronite Catholic faith? It is a Church which professes the same creed as the Universal Catholic Church. It is an expression of the revelation and sacramental dispensation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, addressed to a people who shared the Aramaic language and culture of the Semitic world into which He Himself was born. If we think of it as a tree, then its seed was planted by the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as passed on through His apostles. In the person of St Maroun of Syria, that seed put down roots. Then, through his disciples, who journeyed to Lebanon, a sapling shot up from the soil of Lebanon. Finally, a full-grown cedar appeared, tended by St Yuhanna Maroun (a monk from a Syrian monastery named after St Maroun), who was elected Patriarch of Antioch to preserve the Christian faith.

About the Author

Joseph Azize (Fr Yuhanna Azize) is a Maronite Catholic priest serving at Our Lady of Lebanon Co-Cathedral, Harris Park, and is research officer at the Chancery (the bishop’s office). He has authored or co-authored another eight books and many academic articles, especially on religious topics. He is an honorary associate in Studies in Religion at the University of Sydney, and an adjunct Associate Professor in Theology and Ancient History at Notre Dame University, Australia.


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